Services & Rates


FREE (30-45 minutes)

  • During this home visit we meet you and your pets, answer questions and complete a service contract with detailed pet and home care instructions.  (House keys transferred during this visit)


Our Standard, Extended and Overnight services include:

  •       Fresh water and food
  •       Potty break/litter box care/waste disposal
  •       Exercise and play
  •       Administer medication (if needed)
  •       Light grooming
  •       Dog walk
  •       Lots of TLC
  •       Daily visit report
  •       Bring in mail/newspaper/packages
  •       Water indoor plants
  •       For lived-in appearance:  alternate lights, open/close blinds/curtains
  •       Perform security check

Standard Pet Sitting Visit

$20/visit (30-45 minutes)  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Includes all pet services listed above.  Most dogs and cats do well with 1-3 daily visits.

Extended Pet Sitting Visit

$25/visit (60 minutes)

  • Includes all pet services listed above.  Especially  good for longer dog walks, multiple pets, pets that experience separation anxiety and special needs (including medical care).

Value Visit

$15/visit (15 minutes)

  • Very short visits are great for fast potty break, litter box cleaning, medication and extra feeding.  It is possible to alternate this visit with a longer one (Standard or Extended).

Overnight Pet Sitting Visit

$40/overnight (8 pm-8 am)

  • Includes all pet services listed above.  Wonderful for special needs pets including those with separation anxiety, elderly and those with medical requirements.


This daily service provides exercise and play for your dog.  Fresh water and treats are provided as well as a daily report.

Mid-day Dog Walks (11 am – 2 pm)

$15/visit (30 minutes) for 5 walks per week (Monday through Friday)
$16/visit (30 minutes) for 1-4 walks per week


Includes fresh water and food/treats, potty breaks, positive reinforcement and socialization with lots of TLC!

$17/visit (30 minutes) twice daily ($34 per day)

  • Mid-morning and mid-afternoon visits are recommended