Services & Rates


Approximately 45-60 minutes in your home

  • During this home visit I will meet you and your pets, answer questions and complete a service contract with detailed pet and home care instructions.  Awesome references will be provided, too!
  • (2) House keys transferred during this visit (good for me to have a spare key)


Standard, Extended and Overnight services include:

  •       Fresh water and food
  •       Potty break/litter box care/waste disposal
  •       Exercise and play
  •       Administer medication (if needed)
  •       Light grooming
  •       Dog walk
  •       Lots of TLC
  •       Daily visit report
  •       Bring in mail/newspaper/packages
  •       Water indoor plants
  •       For lived-in appearance:  alternate lights, open/close blinds/curtains
  •       Perform security check

Standard Pet Sitting Visit

$20 pervisit (30-45 minutes)  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Includes all pet services listed above.  Most dogs and cats do well with 1-3 daily visits.

Extended Pet Sitting Visit

$30 per visit (60 minutes)

  • Includes all pet services listed above.  Especially good for longer dog walks, multiple pets and pets that experience separation anxiety and special needs (including administering medication).

Overnight Pet Sitting Visit

$55 per overnight (8 pm-8 am) in your home

  • Includes all pet services listed above.  Wonderful for keeping your pets comfortable in their own familiar home.
  • And especially helpful for pets with special needs pets including those with separation anxiety, elderly and those with medical requirements.
  • If an additional mid-day visit is needed (example:  30-minute visit to include a dog walk/potty break/TLC) an additional fee of $20 will be added to overnight fee.


This daily service provides exercise and play for your dog.  Fresh water and treats are provided as well as a daily report and texting.

Mid-day Dog Walks (available between 11 am – 2 pm)

$20 per visit (30 minutes) for 1-5 walks per week (Monday through Friday)



*Holiday fee may be included

*Short-notice fee may be applicable (usually less than 2 weeks notice)

**Prices can change without prior notice